Hi I’m Kathrin! I’m a Software Engineer currently based in the Bay Area. I have a passion for creative problem solving and I love working with others to build web applications from the ground up.

Before Web Development, I was in the Visual Effects Industry, coordinating shot work and managing teams of artists. I started to pick up coding on the side as a hobby and I fell in love with it! By the fall of 2020, I decided that I wanted to pursue programming as a career. My experience within the VFX industry developed my interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and creative problem solving abilities, all of which make me a successful programmer today.

I recently graduated from Rithm School’s full stack web development program, which has prepared me to take on both front end and back end software engineering roles. I am now on the search for new web development opportunities! When I am not coding away, you can find me watching movies, learning Italian, and exploring new destinations with friends.



A Twitter clone social media application built with Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL. Features include user authentication and CSRF protection with WTForms.


An Job listing application where users can search and apply for jobs. The front end is built with React, and the back end is built with Express and PostgreSQL. Features include user authentication and authorization via JSON web tokens, and client-side routing with React Router.


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